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                                                          A Special Report

                                                          By Juan A. Tovar


“100% Volleyball Play Books Finally Here…..A System so Easy to Learn, that it’s practically Fool – Proof …… Run Hundreds of Volleyball Plays!”

If you want to learn an entire volleyball system in a matter of minutes, then this is a MUST READ IMPORTANT: The following is a true story.

It begins with a startling discovery in Matamoros, Mexico by a guy named Juan A. Tovar.

Juan A. Tovar created a complete offensive system only to be stolen by the team he coached. He found this out later by an ex-player of his.

Juan shared his system with his college club team coach and so the word spread all the way to Houston Texas.

Once people found out about this “volleyball system”, they started to track him down for more information.

You see Juan moved to Houston, Texas once he developed what would be the only complete volleyball offensive system in the world!

As you and I know, there are no such “volleyball plays” out there other than what each team creates.

Other professionals claim to have volleyball plays only to find out that they are volleyball drills.

In fact I challenge anyone out there to show me a complete volleyball offensive system that can hold more than 500 plays.

You and I know that we will be waiting for a long time.

First Things First. There are two interesting facts you should know about Juan

INTERESTING FACT # 1: Juan is an expert in creating volleyball offensive systems and volleyball play books since 1996.

INTERESTING FACT # 2: These play books hold 500 or more play combinations.

... Juan took a year off to create the 1st and only volleyball play book website in the world!

Juan has now created over 26 volleyball offensive systems.

This should be interesting. After all, this system has it’s own defense mechanism.

Defense Mechanism....Imagine having 21 teams in your league buying the same system you have. Each system can be changed in 21 different ways and in 8 unique ways.

What does this mean? This means that everyone who has bought the same system as yours has a better chance to win the lottery with 5 numbers than to figure out your system with 8 numbers.

Now... after a year of selling his systems and getting the same feedback from all his customers, he is ready to present all these systems to you.

At this precise moment Juan has what they call 'moment of clarity'. He discovers two powerful lessons:

Powerful lesson #1: Having a volleyball offensive system that has more than 500 plays is possible....

Powerful lesson #2: You don’t memorize all 500 plays, you learn the system in minutes and decode each play as they call them out

Now... I hope you're beginning to understand my excitement. Despite the nature of this letter and how this sounds, I am very happy to share this system with you.

 You are about to discover . . . .


  •     How to run a successful volleyball offensive system
  •     How to run a system that can hold more than 500 plays
  •     How to use 18 different types of plays such as: piston plays, pound plays
  •     Crossing plays, double crossing plays, slide plays
  •     Three types of back row plays
  •     How to use the whole net in up to 7 different areas
  •     How to use more than 10 types of route combinations 
  •     3 route, 33 route, rainbow set, q ball, q1 ball, z ball, v ball, and 5 ball
  •     3 level sets 
  •     EASYPLAY system - to change sets in one or all areas   

I’m kind of a dreamer


I always hated to loose a volleyball game, especially when you try all you could and still came up short.

I hated seeing a great team and knowing deep down they were better than our team.

I hated feeling that hopelessness of not being able to help my team, a friend’s team or any team.

I have always had a good run in winning volleyball games plus I considered my self a great all around player, but sometimes this was not enough.

The Great Discovery


One day before the beginning of the 2nd season with my Mexican volleyball team, we had a practice game against Reynosa Mexico.

 We played them and we lost in the worst possible way I have personally lost in my life.

 Their coach told our team that they beat us with 21 plays. Of course they only used about 6-8 plays the whole game.

Feeling the pain of that loss, we started to practice that Monday night in Mexico. Our captain spoke to me and said “We need to have a system of plays”.

 A light suddenly appeared in my head. I started to see the net in a whole new way. I explained the whole 3 elements of the system to everyone on the team.

 We started to run plays, new one after new one. We knew how to run the plays before actually learning how to run them.

We played Reynosa the following week and beat them very bad. I told the coach that this system I had created had 95 plays but we only used the same 5-7 plays to beat them.


Our One of a Kind Volleyball Offense

When we compared my system with Reynosa’s system we were surprised to find something very exciting about my system.

Reynosa’s plays had to be practiced for many weeks before they would master the plays.

In my system, you learn the system and every player on the team will know what set to hit, what area to hit in and who goes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

I started to add all the plays on my system and I came up with 350 combinations.


Super Offense

What makes this system unique is that one day I saw a pattern in these plays.

The patterns indicated that these plays would be very hard to defend against.

Why a super offense:


  •     The plays hit into area angles not usually practiced by normal defenses.
  •     The players had to commit to a player movement or loose a point.
  •     The defense cannot afford to wait until the last minute to block the ball.
  •     The defensive players would get confused because of the combination plays


Here are some important facts you should know about the ”Bomb System”

All systems come with 25 video links. In each video I teach you step by step instructions on how to learn the whole book so you can’t go wrong.

All systems come with 18 practice links where I teach you how to practice this system step by step so you can’t go wrong. 

  •     It is easy to learn
  •     It’s fast to get the system
  •     All the plays and players are color coordinated with multiple illustrations in the book
  •     All play books are in an E-Book form so that you can reading it within minutes 
  •     Anyone can learn and teach the system to their players
  •     It will help you win games
  •     You and your team will have more fun with these plays
  •    Teams can learn and teach any book level: Basic, Advanced, Pro, or Expert  
  •     It will take you 30 minutes to learn the system
  •    You learn the system only once
  •    Once you learn the system, you can add new plays with out practicing the plays
  •    The plays only contain 3 letters for the front row plays
  •    The  back row and front row combination contains only 5 letters 
  •    Each play holds a three play combination series
  •    If you buy an extra new system, you do not have to relearn the system
  •   The plays are code sensitive for every system
  •   The plays are very hard for any defense to figure out


Now, you may be nervous about trying something new. That’s natural. 

I myself have bought things in the internet promising that they will teach you everything only to find out that there are a lot of pieces missing.

This is so because they assume that you know everything. I start with the assumption that I am teaching you something new so you need every little detail.

To make sure that you believe me when I say that this is something that will work for sure, I am going prove this by including the 25 video links to make sure you really know the system step by step.

I know that as soon as you open the E-Book, you will fall in love with the book.


Start learning the system today and start teaching it to your team and using the plays by the next day.

So my friend, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Grab your copy of any play book at my risk.


Juan A. Tovar

Expert - Volleyball Offensive Systems

P.S. Please order right now and start practicing these plays the next day. You’ll be happy when your team starts to have new fans and your team has more fun winning games.



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