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                 31 Volleyball Serve Explanations Part II               

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To learn how to serve all of the serves below (31), please visit out tab

"S.E.D.H." which stands for Serving Explanation Detailed Helper .

Although there has been many names for each volleyball serve and each person who creates or thinks they have created a new serve, well everybody is right. It all depends on the majority of the people who accept that name for that serve. There are four basic types of serves a: a float serve, topspin serve, overhand, and underhand serve. I will explain the rest of the serves that I personally invented, and have seen. I will also rate them by difficulty to perform and difficulty to receive.

Of course there are many more, but these are just a few.

Click on Serve Name for Information

**Difficulty is based on a 1- 7 scale (7 being more difficult) Not in any order

Names of Serves                Difficulty to perform      Difficulty to receive

Statue of Liberty Fast                               5                                          6

Overhand Sky ball                                     6                                          6

Cobra Hand C Position                              3                                          3

Patriot Missile                                           7                                          7

Shockwave Top Spin                                 7                                          7

Statue Level 1 Left Corner Pocket           6                                          4 

Statue Level 2 L or R Side Pocket            6                                          4

Statue Level 3 Middle backyard               5                                          5

Hammer Serve                                          5                                          5

Underhand Hammer                                  3                                         4

High Toss Short ball                                  6                                         6

Statue of Liberty Soft Drop                      7                                          6

Round House Vertical                               5                                          3    

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                        Volleyball Serve - Statue of liberty fast                       

AKA:  Statue of Liberty, Quick Attack, Terminator
Key Points - If you practice this serve a lot, you can destroy liberos by catching them off guard especially if they stand up or swing side to side too much. Stand in the bow and arrow position. Hold the ball on your non hitting arm. Toss the ball towards you fairly quick. Meet the ball half way and hit it following through to your target. 

                          Volleyball Serve - Overhand Sky Ball                        

AKA: Meteor 
Key Points -  This serve is done exactly like an overhand serve. In this serve you are going to concentrate on an imaginary line that goes from the net all the way to the ceiling. Hit the ball as hard as you can to where you almost reach the ceiling. This serve works best when the ball lands close the the back line in your opponents side. A hammer hit works best with this serve as opposed to an open hand serve.

                       Volleyball Serve - Cobra Hand C Position                     

AKA: Cobra 
Key Points -  In this serve it is better to toss the ball with both hands for better balance in this quick type of serve. Yes you do position your hand in a ready "cup" or "C" position. This will help start a top spin on a ball that has not been tossed as a topspin. Experienced players will not be able to detect this type of serve and there fore will not be ready for it. Give the ball a good swing with a follow through towards a down ward motion as opposed to a straight out then down ward motion. This form will also help any player hit a spike from any where. 

                            Volleyball Serve - Patriot Missile                            

AKA: Patriot Missile 
Key Points -  This is one of my personal favorite serves. To perform this serve you must be very familiar with serves that include the use of the ball valve. The patriot missile will make it very hard for tall receivers to receive the ball. in this serve place the ball valve facing down completely. You will not be able to  see the ball valve when you serve. Aim the ball as in a float serve towards a player you will like to hit too. The ball will drop as it gets closer to the opponent. If the opponent moves in too quickly to get this ball, the ball will usually bounce back into his/her chest.

                       Volleyball Serve - Shockwave Top Spin                       

AKA: Shockwave
Key Points -  This serve is also considered a standing jump serve. I personally have injured a lot players with this serve. To perform this serve, toss the ball fairly high with as much top spin as possible. Arch your back and hit the ball with as much power as you can and with as much follow through as you can. You should also follow through with your legs as in a baseball throw. The ball will drop very quick but slightly to a side. The reason I call it shockwave is because if you are hit with the ball in your inner arms, your neurons will start firing without control and your arms will start shaking without control for up to 3 minutes. Hence the name shockwave. 

              Volleyball Serve - Statue Level 1 Left Corner Pocket             

 AKA: Black Hole
Key Points -  To perform this serve, get in a standing overhand serve. Have the ball valve facing to the left side. You are serving from the right corner of the court. You will serve to the left corner on the opponent's court. Serve the ball straight to the that corner. You will serve a float serve to that corner. The ball should travel straight to the corner and move a lot to the left. You can also do this to the opposite side. 

                Volleyball Serve - Statue Level 2 L & R Side Pocket             

 AKA: Left Sarge, Right Sarge
Key Points - This serve is hard to serve but will almost always result in a bad bump to the setter and a free ball to your team. Because we are talking about a shorter distance, we must build up power yet have a quicker drop on the ball. We do this by placing the ball valve on top of the ball. The ball is actually hit like a spike  to where you produce a back spin on the ball. The ball should land and be directed to hit on the left or right side of the 10 foot line. 

               Volleyball Serve -  Statue Level 3 Middle Back Yard             

AKA: Dead Zone 
Key Points - Just like the side pocket, we need to give the look that the ball will travel out of bounds. To do this we serve an over hand serve. we place the ball valve at the top. We serve a floater serve. The height of the ball serve will be about 6ft above the net. The power should be used enough to try to reach the 10 foot line. Because of the ball valve, the ball height, the float serve, and the power, the ball should make the player move out of the way thinking it is out. The player might also be tempted to pick up the ball and not reach the ball to the setter. 

                               Volleyball Serve - Hammer Serve                        

 AKA: Hammer Serve
Key Points - This is an overhand serve with a hammer hit. To serve this serve,  make a fist and hit the ball with the bottom part and swing like a hammer. You will not have much control to where the ball will go and neither will your opponent. You can hit the ball with or without a follow through. You can also hit the ball like a karate chop. The less surface that hits a volleyball, the less the knowledge of where the ball is going to land. 

                      Volleyball Serve - Under Hand Hammer                       

 AKA: Under Hand Hammer, Hammer head
Key Points - This serve is excellent for those beginning players who might not have the strength to serve the ball over the net. It is very important to not expose the thumb during this serve. Teach your players to make a fist, face their thumb down. The ball should be toss at a sort distance, possibly about head height and follow through while pointing where you want the ball to go. 

                        Volleyball Serve - High Toss Short Ball                       

 AKA: Sinker, Submarine
Key Points - In this serve, the high toss will make the receiving team believe that a fast serve is about to be hit. The non follow through hit will make the ball drop short as in a soft drop. Toss the ball as high as you can with control. Give the look of a hard swing. End the hit with sudden stop of momentum. As with any short ball, the ball should be aimed at a higher level. The higher the level, the shorter the drop.

                     Volleyball Serve - Statue of Liberty Soft Drop                

 AKA: Soft Drop, Invasion
Key Points - To perform this hit, get in the bow and arrow position. There is no follow through of the legs.You start with the ball on the extended arm. Unlike meeting the ball half way while you through the ball back towards you. Let the ball reach all the way back. Arch back to hit the ball up close to the net plus a little bit more. Opponents will be tempted to spike the ball in which they cannot block a serve or spike a serve.

                         Volleyball Serve - Round House Vertical                    

  AKA: Wind Mill, Round House, Tennis Serve
Key Points -  There are several versions of the Round House. The Round House Version I am very familiar with is the Mexican Round House. They call this serve the wind mill. Most setters use this serve because it helps them advance to their position.
 To serve this serve face the net side ways. toss the ball straight up and hit the ball at it's highest point. You can also add  top spin using both hands and  with a "C" hand position  side spike the ball to the net. You can also have a short toss towards your hitting arm and meet the ball with a strong follow through towards the net. This will look like a tennis serve.

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