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                         Why Does My System Work ?                      

The Defense

Would you say that every volleyball team in the world runs the same defense? The answer is probably yes. No matter who you are in the world or at what level your team is playing, one thing is for certain, everyone plays the same defense. Yes some defenses are better than others. Some defenses are more experienced. Some defenses use more techniques than others. Some defenses are played by better players period.

No matter what happens between these not so good teams and these excellent winning every year teams, there is nothing you can change from one day to the next that will put your team at the same level as those other winning teams. My system is just an equalizer and sometimes a terminator. Think of this as we now talk about plays in general.

Plays in General

Let's talk about plays. What do you consider a play? Do you think it is when the setter sets the ball to a spiker and the spiker either hits a high ball, a meter ball, a quick set, a shoot, a slide, a back row spike, a dink or a back set. Did I miss anything? Of course I did there are some teams that practice certain plays and dominate other teams such as the Olympic Brazilian Volleyball team or  the Reynosa Mexican Volleyball Junior College team. I know for a fact that Reynosa has 23 plays because I have personally played against them and also because their coach told me. They maybe even more plays today. So far I have counted over 27 plays from the Brazilian team.

What do you think these teams think of when creating these plays? They are probably thinking how can we run a play in which we can eliminate a blocker or no blockers. Have you ever bought a book that states that it has many plays only to find out that they are drills. I know coaches and teams don't look for plays any more because just like every other volleyball coach, everyone is tired of looking for these so called plays. What good is it having so many plays when your team can't remember all of them or just by a bad set the whole play is broken up. 

Why my system works!

Now that you have read the top two paragraphs on top I can explain my system. 

I am going to try and keep it short and simple. All my systems are all color coordinated to show how everything is going on. I have to show you some of this without that or giving out my secrets. Let's begin.


  •  With me you learn the system and not the plays.
  • Once you learn the system, every player, even the back row will know where to hit, what set to hit, and who goes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
  • Each play consist of 3 letters or 5 letters to include the back row. ex. EDR
  • Each player only looks at the letter that corresponds with that player.
  • If I was letter "E", I will know where to hit, and what set to hit based on that lettter.
  • The setter only has to remember one of these three letters.
  • The system is basically a decoder for each play so any play they give you everyone already will know what each letter means. I do not mean that you have to memorize the whole alphabet. I mean you have to remember 6 letters only.
  • I have just described 3 elements without giving the secrets out.
  • There are more than 15 elements in each book.
  • Do you think you can remember one letter in a play such as "SRE"? Sure you can , you just don't know what these letters means yet.
  • My systems all have 5 secrets to it in which I can't explain them here to you -  but without theses secrets, these books are useless.
  • These secrets are so easy yet so complicated for anyone to figure out. Imagine that you are trying to figure out a puzzle or game. It looks impossible but as soon as they show you the answer you will respond with "oh that is so easy". This is the same with my system only I keep showing you 12 other answers.
  • There is no way to remember 500 plays in 1 hour. If you learn my system, every one in your team will know the play even without practicing every single one. How is this so? This is where I come in and explain the system.
  • Each play changes several aspects of a play and the movement of a defense for example: If all my 3 front row players hit quick hits all at the same time several things are going to happen.
  •  One, this will force all blockers to move in and block each player. 
  • Two, if they don't they will loose a point. 
  • Three, the players will commit if this play is ran 5 times in a row.
  •  Four, the defense will not expect all these different angels and spike possibilities.
  •  Five, the defense will eventually step out of their defensive zone to try and accommodate these angles and spike types.
  •  Six, the defense will move to areas that they are not use to moving and much less cover.
  •  Seven, suddenly you change the play.
  •  You give each player in the team on the court and off 5 plays for them to call before a serve.
  •  Each player will have 5 plays that look like this: EAR, ERE, REA, LEA and ALE. This means that just to begin, there are already 30 different plays that can be called at any point. 
  • The coach can call hundreds of more plays from the side line. If I was your coach and I showed you a play for 3 seconds from the sideline and all you had to remember was the first letter ex. LEE, do you think you could remember the letter "L"? I think so.
  • What if you could change a high ball which is usually an outside into 3 - 5 different sets by only adding a sign to the 3 letter play you already know.
  • What if you can change the area from a quick in the middle to a quick in the out side area.
  • What if you can change a hit from a meter ball to a slide play by changing the play ERE to EQE. Do you think you can still remember the play?, absolutely.
  • We can do all these because there are certain things that we can kind of control in volleyball and some things that we cannot.
  • We can control how we receive a ball, how we bump, where we set,  who will hit, when they will hit, who will go 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, how we spike and where we spike.
  • I made a system that will change all these things. A lot of people are skeptical but what do they have to loose. I have already done the hard part and made the whole system for them. I have also personally tested this system with US club teams as well as with Mexican Club teams. Why Mexican club teams because they are used to bumping the ball lower to the setter and hitting quicker plays. Their style is quicker than ours. I had too make sure that the system works with all types of  teams.
  • Your team must be able to spike in order to run these plays but they do not have to be excellent.
  • This system will eliminate at least one blocker and at some point, no blockers at all.
  • The defense will be confused because all their lives they have been taught a certain defense model and here comes a system that changes that.
  • The plays will have 22 play combinations such as a crossing play, slide play, extended slide play,  and 20 other types that have never been used in these ways.
  • I will guarantee this, that every system will be learned in 30 minutes to an hour and that every play whether the system comes with 100 plays or I include hundreds more plays and even if you add hundreds more plays with your system, every player will know where to hit, what set to hit, and who goes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to every and each play you have.
  • I will also guarantee this, that you will only need 5 - 7 plays to use in a game, set or whole tournament. Juan A. Tovar


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