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100% Volleyball Offensive Play Books for - High Schools, Young Club Teams, Club Teams, CO-ED Teams, Adult Club Teams, College Teams, Olympic Teams and many more - All with 100's of plays included.

                                  What Each Play Book Contains                         

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                  Bonuses That Come with Each System Purchase:               


  • 25 Lesson Videos to make sure you understand the system quicker. 
  • 18 Practice Videos for your system so you don't have to come up with your own practices.
  • Free Upgrades - If any thing new comes in or added, you will have access to it for up to 3 months.

   Get yours fast and easy. 

                                                 All 5 Systems come with                                  

  • 36 - 92 illustrated Plays 
  • 120 - 336 listed plays 
  • 16 Play Types
  • 3 Back Row Play Types
  • 8 Play Routes
  • 3 Level Set - 10 - 15 set changes
  • Add 100's of more plays
  • System Printable Play Grids to add your plays
  • Multiple Play Calling Techniques included
  • "How to Better Use this Book" section
  • Unlimited support from Juan A. Tovar through email
  • EASYPLAY System
  • A cool Alientech T-shirt design to iron on. See book cover
  • The newest and only play creation explanations in the world!

                       There are 6 kinds of Play Books for sale                        


  • Basic Offensive System UP to 130 100% Volleyball Plays NO DRILLS!
  • Advanced Offensive System UP to 430 100% Volleyball Plays NO DRILLS!
  • PRO Offensive System UP to 760 100% Volleyball Plays NO DRILLS!
  • Specialties - Systems with a twist UP to 390100% Volleyball Plays NO DRILLS!
  • THE BOMB VOLLEYBALL OFFENSIVE SYSTEM - up to 500 100% Volleyball Plays.
  • How to Create Your Own Volleyball Plays and Systems - Unlimited Plays Systems
Imagine what this book will do for you:
for just buying it, giving to a friend, coach, or a team you know!
  • You will win more games
  • You will have more fun
  • You will be able to run hundreds of plays
  • Yow will improve your playing skill on offense
  • You will amaze everyone and especially yourself 
  • You will wow them when they see something that they have never ever seen before and that will change the way they play volleyball.
  • Imagine the way they and you will feel when you start practicing and winning with these playes.
  • It will help your team win more plays but more importantly, they will have more smiles on their faces.
  • You will be a hero to any team who has always been down on their luck. This system will be the equalizer to their games.
  • See all the new fans as they see with ahh.. when they first see you using these plays. 
  • Imagine the faces on the other teams when they see something that will get their defense out of control.
  • Imagine the faces of those that open this system on their birthday. 
  • Imagine a coach getting this for their birthday or for no special reason.
  • Imagine all the new fans you will get  when they here that you have a never before seen offense.
  • Get yours fast and easy. 


Example Play Books "Table Of Contents" - Included on all systems


  • Set per Area Helper
  • New 8 Volleyball set combinations used in 16 different ways
  • Set per Area Helper – Explanations
  • System Overview - Illustrations
  • Advanced Systems Part 1 – Explanations
  • Advanced Systems Part 2 – Explanations
  • Examples of Regular Plays/Crossing Plays
  • Examples of Piston Plays/Cheat Plays – Stable Route
  • Examples of Cheat Plays – Cheat Route/Player 2 & 3
  • Review of Old/New Sets
  • Examples of Rainbow Plays/5 Ball
  • 5 Ball Continued………/Extra Examples
  • Dissecting Plays
  • Dissecting Plays Continued……..           ↓  Advanced & PRO Systems continue down
  • Back Row Players 7th  & 8th  Player/Example Plays
  • Decoy Explanations/More examples of 7th and 8th Player
  • Decoy Plays: 8th Player Plays/More Plays
  • Back Row Hitting – Explanation
  • Back Row Hitting – Examples with 8th Player/More Examples
  • Double Set Plays – Explanations
  • Double Set Zones
  • Double Values in Areas/Play Examples
  • All Plays Sections with Full Illustrations
  • Closing Notes

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