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EB-124-007 - The Bomb Volleyball Offensive System By: Juan A. Tovar


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EB-124-007-The Bomb E-Book

* 350 illustrated plays Icluded

* Total Possible Plays - 1480

* FREE Upgrades for up to 3 Months - if something

new is added - you will have FREE Access

* 25 Lesson Videos Included

* 18 Practice Videos Included 

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The Bomb Volleyball Offensive System is a volleyball book of 100% Pure Volleyball Plays. It is the only one of it's kind in the world. This book contains over 300 plays and counting. What does this mean, it means there is room to add 100's more plays on your own.

What is so special about this playbook?

You learn the system in about  minutes. Once you learn the system, any one of those 300 plays or more that are called, everyone in the team will know where to hit, who goes first/second/third, and what set to hit.

* Each front row play has a 3 digits(EDR) and 5 digits for all back row plays(7S-EDS) that are decode by the system in about 2-3 seconds.

* The book goes from easy plays to complex running plays.

* All plays are illustrated, dissected, and explained.

* These plays work on teams from 12yr's Club Team to High School level  to all the way to Olympic level.

Play Types

* Plays are categorized into different groups. The types of play groups include:

Regular Plays, Crossing Plays, Pound Plays, Piston Plays, 33 Path Plays Relay Plays, Complex A Plays, Complex B Plays, Lead Plays, Series Plays, Wave Series Plays, Wave Series Locked Plays, Long Horn Plays: Bi Series, Tri Series, Long Horn Complex, X-Plays or Tic Tac Toe Plays, Fuse Series Back row Plays: Layout Plays, Hat tricks, Dummy Plays, Dink Plays, Pass Plays, Shockwave 6th Plays, 7th Plays, and 8th Plays.

* Each Play Section has about 5 - 42 plays each.

*  Reproducible sheets to print which include sheets for: Basic plays, 33 Path Plays, and all back row plays.

* BONUS Systems for those who buy 2 or more systems

Key Points

* You can create a few more 100 plays.

* It only takes 5 - 7 plays to win a whole game and or tournament!

* Fuse Series provides a practice drill in running all system plays.

  Table of Contents

Set per Area Helper

Set per Area Helper – Explanations

System Overview - Illustrations

Advanced Systems Part 1 – Explanations

Advanced Systems Part 2 – Explanations

Examples of Regular Plays/Crossing Plays

Examples of Piston Plays/Cheat Plays – Stable Route

Examples of Cheat Plays – Cheat Route/Player 2 & 3

Review of Old/New Sets

Examples of Rainbow Plays/5 Ball

5 Ball Continued………/Extra Examples

Dissecting Plays

Dissecting Plays Continued…….. ↓ Advanced & PRO Systems continue down

Back Row Players 7th & 8th Player/Example Plays

Decoy Explanations/More examples of 7th and 8th Player

Decoy Plays: 8th Player Plays/More Plays

Back Row Hitting – Explanation

Back Row Hitting – Examples with 8th Player/More Examples

Double Set Plays – Explanations

Double Set Zones

Double Values in Areas/Play Examples

All Plays Sections with Full Illustrations

Closing Notes

* You can alter how your team will run the offense in 21 different ways which makes it very hard for another team who has bought the same system you have to gain any advantage.

There are multiple ways to use the plays as far as Play Calling.

This system come with printable Playing Grids.

The newest and only play creation explanations.

A cool Alientech T-shirt design to iron on - see cover


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