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                                         Co-Ed Volleyball Rules                                           

 Intramural volleyball will be governed by rules of the National Federation

of State High School Associations with the following modifications:


1. A roster is required. A team can carry a maximum of 10 players. Once a player has

played for one team in a regular season game, that player cannot play for another team. A

player may only be on one team.

2. If a player is removed from a roster, they cannot be added back on again and cannot be

picked up by another team. Any roster changes must be made with the consent of the

intramural director. 

3. To be eligible for the playoffs, a player must have participated in one regular season


4. A team shall consist of six (6) players. At least two women have to be on the court during

the entire match. 

5. A team must have at least four (4) players to start or continue play. In this case, the

players must be two men and two women.

6. All participants must be currently enrolled at either Central Texas College or Tarleton

State – Central Texas. Each participant must bring their valid student ID card to the

games for proof of eligibility.

The Game

1. The net height will be 7 ft. 11 5/8 inches.

2. A game is played using rally point scoring. The first team to 25 with a two point lead

shall be declared the winner.

3. A match will consist of two out of three games.

4. If a third game is necessary, the game will be played to 15 and the winning team must be

ahead by two points. Teams will switch sides of the court after one team has reached

eight (8) points.

5. If there is more than one contact on a side, one of the contacts must be made by a female

player. A block does not constitute a hit or contact.

6. Each team is allowed two (2) timeouts per game – 30 seconds in length.

7. Only the on-court captain may confer with the official.

8. A team is allowed a maximum of 6 substitutions per game. Substitutions may be made

anytime the ball is dead and may only be made in the center back (6) or left back (5)


9. Game time is forfeit time of the first game. If the forfeiting team does not have enough

players fifteen minutes after the first game is declared a forfeit, that team will forfeit the


10. The ball may hit the net on a serve.

Ejections and Suspensions

Any player ejected or disqualified from a match, for any reason, will be suspended for the team’s

next match (at least). A second ejection from a match will result in suspension from all remaining

matches. The judgment of the official is final.

All players must have a completed liability form on file before participating in the program.


1. The official net height is 7’11-5/8”.

2. The ball may be legally played off all overhead obstructions or the ceiling if it bounces back on the side of

the team, which sent it to the ceiling.  Any serve which hits the basketball hoops or support poles of the net

is a dead ball and side-out.


1. The team shall consist of three men and three women who shall be placed in

alternate positions on the court.

 2. A team may play with a minimum of four players and at least two must be

women.  There may never be more men than women on the court at a given time.  Alternating positions

must be followed whenever it is possible.

3. When more than one player on team plays a ball, at least one of those plays must be made by a woman (if

two hits to return, can be either male-female, or two females, but not two males).  Three women can hit the

ball and it is legal.

4. Overhand serving is permitted.  Serves are allowed from any place along back line.

A ball is dead if it touches opponent’s ceiling and comes back on the same side it was hit from;

A ball hits the standards.

5.  The ball may hit any part of the body provided it is not a double hit; the ball may be played legally.  No


6.  Front line players may spike.  Back line players while positioned behind the spiking line may contact the

ball from any position inside or outside the court above or below the top of the net.  Carrying on a spike will

not be allowed.

A back line player may participate in the block or attempt to block any ball other than the serve.

A back line player cannot return a ball in which any part of the ball is higher than the top of the net, while

positioned in front of the spiking line or its out-of-bounds extension, unless it was a block.

7.  On the serve, if a back row player (position as of the serve) receives the service, the back row player must

return the ball using a bump, either underhand or overhead (but if overhead), the hands must be together,

otherwise it constitutes a double hit).  On the serve, a front row player can set the ball, if done legally.  (A

set is either to your own team member or you can set across the net.)

8.  At the end of each game of the match, teams exchange courts.   At the beginning of the third game, there

will be another coin toss.  The winner will have choice of serve or choice of playing area for start of game. 

A switch will take place when a team has 8 points.

10. At the beginning of a new game, the players may be rearranged in their positions.

11.  If a player’s entire foot/hand crosses the centerline, a foot fault will be called.

12. Players shall not wear jewelry, with the exception of religious or medical medals, which must be taped to

the body.

13All balls must be returned under the net only.  Anytime a ball is thrown over the net between plays, the

team whose member is responsible for the actual throwing of the ball will lose their next service.  If the

opposing team is still the serving team when the infraction occurs, that team when they finally have side out will rotate

and continue serving until the next side-out.  Each time the ball is returned over the net, it will

result in the loss of service for the team that proceeded to return the ball over the net


1. COIN TOSS—The official shall instruct one captain/manager to call heads or tails while the coin is in the

air.  The winner of the toss chooses to serve or receive, or whether a choice of playing area is preferred. 

After this choice, the other captain is offered a choice of the remaining alternatives.

2. Play shall begin with the sound of the official’s whistle to begin the serve.  All players must be within their

own court at the time of the serve.  Any serve initiated prior to the official’s whistle, which signals the start

of a serve, shall be side-out.3. The order of service shall be as follows:

The team starting with serves.  Right back; right forward, center forward, left forward, left back, and center


The team not awarded serve will rotate before serve so RF will be first serve and then CF, LF, LB, CB, RB.

LF       CF       RF

LB      CB       RB

Service shall alternate as side-out is called.

4. The service alternates when there is a foul by the serving team and the ball shall be awarded to its

opponent who shall rotate clockwise one position INCLUDING THE FIRST SERVE.

5. If a player serves out of turn, side-out shall be called as soon as the mistake is discovered.  Any points

made on the service before the error was discovered shall be cancelled.  The serving order shall then be

corrected.  There will also be loss of serve.

6. A ball, which is served into the basketball hoop, net or backboard, shall be a dead ball and a side-out.

7. The referees will call out the score on each serve.

8. Rally scoring will be used in this league in order to keep games moving and under 60 minutes.

a. Let serves will be allowed - The "let serve" is a ball that when served, hits the net without touching the net

antenna and continues across the net into the opponent's court. The let serve is a playable live ball. The let

serve is a strategy used to keep the game moving with fewer interruptions in play.

b. Rally scoring will be 25-25-15.  In rally scoring, points are awarded on each play, regardless which team

serves, as opposed to the traditional side-out system.


1. A ball other than a service may be recovered from the net, provided the player the player avoids touching

the net.

2. If two or more players of the same team contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered one play and

players involved may participate in the next play.  This next play should be counted as an additional


3. If the ball touches the net on a return, it must touch the net between the side boundary lines and go over

into the opponent’s court.

4. The ball may be played when any part of it has crossed the top of the net.  It is not essential for the entire

ball to be on a player’s side of the net before it is played.

5. It is illegal for any part of the body to touch the net intentionally, referee may call anyone in the net if they

wish, this is for safety of players.

6. Reaching over the net:  A player may not interfere with a ball being played on the opponent’s side of the

net at anytime.  In returning a ball, a player may follow through over the net providing the first contact of the

ball is on his/her side of the net and when delivering the follow through, no part of the body is allowed to

touch the net.

7. A team shall not play the ball more than three (3) times before it crosses the net to enter the opponent’s

playing area except:

When there is simultaneous contact by opponents, counts as one hit;

The first contact is an action to block; the team’s next play is considered its first.


1. A replay shall be called:

If the referee is unable to determine a line call.  Player should help make these calls. But referee has final call.

If another ball or any foreign object enters the playing area during game time.  Referee will blow whistle to

stop play.

If 2 opposing players contact the ball simultaneously causing the ball to be held;An official’s mistaken audio signal interrupts a play;

The referee determines a player has been injured;

After a double foul.


1. Substitutions will occur on a side-out, dead ball, time out, or at anytime to replace an injured player.

Managers must notify referee of substitution changes on dead balls.

If a team has started the game with four or five players and another team member shows up late, that player

must wait until designated position reaches center back.

Men substitute for men and women for women.

2.  Never more men on court than woman.


Play will continue in third game until 15 points are scored, or because time restriction, a team has at least a

two-point advantage.  Every attempt will be made to keep the match to 1 hour including warm-ups. 


One (1) 30-second time out will be allowed each game.  The team manager (only) must notify the referee

before the ball is served.  A team need not have possession of the ball to call a time out.


1. Forfeiture fee:  $20.00 per team that does not send enough players for their game.  It is to be paid before

the next game can be played, no further notice will be given.  Referees will be collecting the $20.00 if it is

not turned into the Parks and Recreation Department office before match.  If a team forfeits 2 times they

will be dropped from the league and no $ will be refunded.

2. At the time the two managers conclude their meeting with the referee, if a team doesn’t have the minimum

number of players (4 women, 2 men/2 women, or 1 man/3 women), that team will automatically forfeit one

(1) game to the team that has the required number of players.  If after 15 minutes, that team still does not

have an adequate number of players, the other two (2) games will be forfeited to the team.  If they do

receive enough players during the 15-minute grace, they still forfeit the first game, and whatever the

original start time was will be where the fifty-minute game time limit will be counted.  The teams do not get

fifty minutes from when there are enough players to begin.


The maximum number of games that will count in the standings that can be played in fifty minutes will be 3

games.  Referees will only be required to call the 3 games, but are encouraged to call all games in the time

allowed.  Standings are based on the number of wins and losses, not on the “best of” basis.



in suspensions.  Suspensions may be for one game or indefinite.

2. In situations of un-sportsmanlike conduct (bad language, criticism of referees, etc.), the referee will give the

player a verbal warning. If player disregards the warning, the team is penalized with point/side-out.  If

behavior continues, player is ejected from game and facility.  Player must leave or that player’s team

forfeits their game.  Referee will fill out an incident report and which will be turned into Parks and

Recreation office.  


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