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                                   E-BOOK Questions and Answers                           

How would I receive my Volleyball Offensive Playbook on E-Book? 

You will receive it through your email. 


Does it matter from which email provider I have? 

No as long as you have an email.


What if I live in another part of the world? 

If you have an email you should be able to receive your e-book. 


What is an E-Book? 

An e-book is an electronic book.

It is a file of a book. 

The E-book comes in a PDF File

With an E-Book you will be able to get your Play Book super fast. 

In an order you will see ex. EB-007-007(EB = E-Book


What if I don't have a PDF Reader?

You can download a pdf reader here http://www.adobe.com/products/reader.html or you can ask for a different file type.


What other file types can I Choose from? 


  • P.D.F.
  • Word Document 2007


Where and when do I choose the different file type? 

When you pay for your e-book you will have to enter your email address. If there is no space to add which file you would like then send me an email at juanatovarm@yahoo.com with the file type you would like.


1. Pay for system and add email address and file type

2. Send me an email if you do not want a P.D.F. file

(if you do not choose one then a PDF file will be sent) 


What if I have any other questions not found here? 

 Please email me at juanatovarm@yahoo.com for any extra questions you might have.



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