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100% Volleyball Offensive Play Books for - High Schools, Young Club Teams, Club Teams, CO-ED Teams, Adult Club Teams, College Teams, Olympic Teams and many more - All with 100's of plays included.

                             History of My System - in a nut shell                     

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The system - learn the system in 30 minutes to an hour and be able to call hundreds of plays by a 3 to 5 letter play ex. (EAR). This includes the back row players. Never memorize plays. By learning the system, you will be able to decode each play. Each play will tell all players 3 things: what set to hit, which area to go, and who goes first second, and third.


                                                          BRIEF HISTORY                                                            

 1. My New Mexican Club Team: I was playing with my college's club team when a Mexican club team offered me a job as their coach, trainer, and offensive coordinator.


2. Our 1st season, 10 - 7 just okay. My system was not created yet. Some of the players we played against were warming up by setting the ball on top of the 10ft basketball rim and spiking into the rim. The problem was that the guys doing this were only 5' 7". You want to test your volleyball team, go to Mexico. 


3. Before the start of 2nd season Events:

   A. Week 1: Reynosa Junior College Volleyball Team - 4 time 1st place Junior College Champions, coming in 2nd place for that year. We lost like I have never lost in my life. I did not have my system at this point. The players were blocking us 2 ft. into our court. Coach had 21 plays and that was their secret for winning so many times.

   B. Week 2: Rematch - one week later I created my plays system, The Bomb - results - we beat them. Their coach, in a daze. We used only 5 plays. I still had 95 more plays. I was Invited to go to Monterrey for their annual Volleyball Coaches Convention to share my system, I refused.

   C. Week 3 - week 6: Undefeated at 7 - 0,1st time in this club's history . Receiving  50 or more fans watching us practice the plays and joining us as we practiced, it was that easy for them to learn.


   D. Week 7: Monterrey hears about Reynosa's loss. They challenge us wanting to see this "system". We would play them in Week10.

   E. Week 8: We play my College's Club Team, we beat them. My USA coach challenges my system with his National Team. He bets $100 that we would loose, I bet him $200 that we won’t. I explain the system to him (in a nut shell). USA Coach offers me a check for $3,000 dollars. I refuse offer knowing what I really had. We never played his National Team.


     F: Week 9: We get a challenge from the 3 time Texas 2nd place Co-ed winners. We beat them, it was tough. Our Mexican record so far 9 - 2. We beat the team that won 1st place last year in Mexico in our league. I find out they have won it for the past 3 years.

    G: Week 10: Start of the week. 3 teams join us to learn the system including the number 1 team from last year. We had another game in Mexico. We beat the team as a challenge. We discuss what had happened because they had never beat that particular team and we did it with this system. We are now 11 – 2 ( not counting the undefeated challenges so far, except Reynosa).

     H: Week 10 still: We go and see the "Selection Team from Mexico". I offer my system to them. My team gets upset. That Saturday, we were going to play Monterrey. I showed up but there was nobody there. I later found out from an old friend of mine that my own  Mexican Team stole my book. Of course there was more to all these events. These events helped me see what a great system I had.

    I: This Play System: It would take me 2 years to write The Bomb Volleyball Offensive Systems and 10 years to discover these new 25 hybrid systems. I will challenge any team to test these plays with any  team you have always had trouble playing so you can see your results. It will cost you nothing. 


 Ending Notes:

A lot of people don't know about all these events and therefore don't know how great they are. Once these plays are heard all over the world, people will come and join like crazy.

My Bad Luck:

If you were a doctor looking for the answer to aids and I came and said "An alien came and gave me the secret for curing aids, would you listen to me? Probably not. If I also said to you, "Just give me 30 minutes and I will show you how to cure it". Will you give me the time of day? Probably not.

I am asking you now, "Give me 30 minutes and I will show you a side of volleyball of which you have never seen using plays". The rest is up to you.

Juan A. Tovar 

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