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100% Volleyball Offensive Play Books for - High Schools, Young Club Teams, Club Teams, CO-ED Teams, Adult Club Teams, College Teams, Olympic Teams and many more - All with 100's of plays included.

                !  NOW OPEN !     E-BOOK - E   C   L   I   P   S   E                

Eclipse is  the 23 element in this new system and only found in the ECLIPSE system. This volleyball system that has the unique ability to change the way all front row players start a play from play to play.This system can run some of the most complicated plays in the world without confusing any of the front and back row players. This system will be so easy to learn and super easy to run hundreds of possible plays without memorizing any plays. 

104 illustrated plays - List of 360 extra plays - Personal printable play grids - 25 lesson videos - 18 practice videos + much more 

        $32.99 EB-206-007 BUY NOW  

                 ! NOW OPEN !        C   E   N   T   I   P   E   D   E                 

Centipede breaks one of the most important elements in The Bomb System but embraces the element in the ALIENTECH Hybrid systems. Instead of adding these to the already 15 element components in the Hybrid volleyball systems,I have decided to use the element by it'self and totally confuse the defense with this high powered , quick , attack tactics of the entire net with specific attack regions of the net. Centipede will also come out in September 2011.



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