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!WOW!, this is ?$%#@#%$^ crazy , but it works.

I'm sorry for saying what I said on the volleyball board, this system rocks!

I have been coaching for over 21 years and I though that I have seen every thing on volleyball plays, I am wrong, this is great!

I have been following the SATURN system in the video and I am happy that you added new sets, it helped me create new sets for my particular offense, that is great.

Tony I just wanted you to know that i love that you can change and  mix the sets that fit our offense,. My team is shorter than orthers but they have fun with all the movement and quick spikes. 

We had a practice game with the boys team, we lost but we were only practicing on the call playing, my girls yelled at me about writing the plays quicker. You are right, the players can read the play in about 3 second or less. We will beat them next week. Coach JM

Okay , I was skeptical, I bought the ALIEN system. I first thought well there are only 24 plays but 24 is more than I have ever seen. What I liked is how easy it was to add more plays because of your explanation. I have already added 74 more plays, beautiful 


Hey Tony the number of what you call piston plays is extraordinary especiall on the backrow plays how you can make the blocks shift to different areas, your right they didn't move at first but they learned their lesson  get back with me

 Mr. Tovar, I hope you have pattent this system. This is going to sound bad but I hope nobody else buys your system because this system is awesome!

Thank s for getting back to me quick, the thing I like most about your system is that we can make it unique as far as how we give " the ball values" to each areas.

I though I was done with excitement and then I found out about your easy play system. I will stop there that is incrediblae. 

 thanks for getting back to me! appreciate it.... i am losing my starting setter for next year and my other setter options are inexperienced and just started learning the position last year so i liked the way your system gives me the opportunity to "call" a set play on serve receive and default to a preset transition play without having these inexperienced setters know all the set terminology or have to worry about a complicated system... i also loved the potential for a player driven calling system where the same basic plays can yield so many combinations on the fly.

thanks for your time and i will be in touch should i have any more questions. 
Hey man, this works, I do not know where to start, I can't wait to practice and run these plays, my coach was very happy that I bought this for her. Thank M&R
Dude, really, finally a change in volleyball, really 
Tony when you say that we can add hundreds more plays, I felt like a dumb ass, but when I started adding the plays, I said shit, this can't be it's ridiculaous, send an email back, we need to talk. I need your help because I just added 145 more plays withing 30 min. and i an't done.

 I am ready to cry with excitement, I love you, superb play calling advice you gave me about giving each of my players certain number of plays to remember. I gave each player 5 plays but they want to run 10 plays each. XOXOXOX  Brittney

Hey Tovar thanks for emailing me quick, it means a lot when I can finally beleive in some one that actually does what they say they are going to do.

Hello Coach Tovar, I just wanted to say that it is great that you update your programs and systems. I have bought 4 systems already and it seems that every time you create something new, you send me that new info. I need to let everyone know that that is so cool. Thanks


I just received the new updates for the Alien system, I love the 1979 movie and it cool that you have the alien volleyball design and the Face Hugger, you should make the alien queen. Alright talk to latr

Dear Mr. Tovar

This Brittney again, I bought the Dream and the Matrix system and you are correct. We are at war with each other (our own team) because we are trying to see who can dish out more plays per game. We won last week with 43 plays in 3 games. Talk to you soon XOXOXOXO Bri 


Hey Coach,
Just wanted to let you know, the system I have created for my team is great!  They love it, I love it, I can't wait to see it in real game!  I also would like free system and 31 serve explanations!  Thank you for helping me out on this great system! You have made volleyball fun again!


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