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Main features:

6 systems in one 

(20) Illustrated Slide Plays

List of (20) General Slide Plays

(36) Illustrated Direct Plays

List of (31) General Direct Plays

(24) Illustrated 10 Route Plays

List of (60) 10 Route Plays

(12) Illustrated Advanced Plays

12 Play Grids 12 Extras

92 Total Illustrated Plays

111 Total List of Plays



“SLIDERS” is a system I created to add to the few slide plays that already exits. I had to see a slide play for what it was and try to expand it into a format that can be taken to its full potential. For this to happen, I had to create a whole new system. It didn’t take much since I already had a few elements of my own to start with.

 (Elements are like ingredients, everyone knows about them. People mix Ingredients in certain ways and in certain amounts and it becomes a secret recipe. This is the same with my systems. I am taking my own elements and using them in the same way.)

Just like all of my systems, to create a complicated system and also make it very hard for opponents to figure it out yet easy enough to learn for you,  I had to add these elements.

I had to create 3 combination routes that will enable any team to run hundreds of plays without having players crashing into each other. It is these 3 routes that hold the main secret to this system.

 Within the 3 routes,  2 of the 3 routes can be used as a system by itself. Each of the 2 routes can run hundreds of plays on its own. These routes come from some of the elements that I have on my main system, “The Bomb Volleyball Offensive System”. SLIDERS has many weapons, it can run two planned slides in the same play.

 Teams will be a able to run hundreds of combination plays with a 24 main core slide system.

Juan A. Tovar


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