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100% Volleyball Offensive Play Books for - High Schools, Young Club Teams, Club Teams, CO-ED Teams, Adult Club Teams, College Teams, Olympic Teams and many more - All with 100's of plays included.

 Juan A. Tovar’s Volleyball Play Books

Know everything before you buy one of the best and only complete volleyball systems in the world!


                 Think about the following below before we go on.               


  • I am a new coach and I want a super offense with hundreds of plays to choose from.
  • I am teaching a 12-18 yr old teams and want to bring something exciting and new.
  • I want to try a new volleyball offensive system
  • I am looking for a volleyball book of plays that I don't have to memorize
  • I want to learn an easy system within three hours
  • I want a system that comes with videos so that I can also learn it or teach it to my team 
  • I want to an easy system to run yet complicated for my opponent to figure out 
  • I want to try the newest plays out there 
  • I want to win more games.
  • I want to compete with the better teams we play.
  • I want my team to know that no matter who we play against that we will have a chance to win.
  • I want to bring something new to my team.
  • I want to have more fun playing volleyball.
  • I want to surprise my fans with plays.
  • I want to try new types of plays.
  • I want to run an offense that I can manipulate the players and areas according to their best players.
If you agree to any the following above then you are in the right place.


            Let’s me answer the most commonly asked questions.         


Who can use the systems?


The systems were created for high schools and up but I have a few middle school teams that use my systems and they tell me that it works for them. That’s new to me.

What does each system come with?


Let me start with this: I myself have bought things in the internet promising that they will teach you everything only to find out that there are a lot of pieces missing.


Here are some of the things that are included:


25 Video Links where

I explain the whole system step by step to make sure no pieces are missing and you learn everything.

18 Practice Video links

so that you don’t have to come up with ideas of how to practice this system. This will also help you get ideas of your own if needed.

12 - 15 Play Types

(pound, piston, crossing, double crossing, short slides, long slides, No. (5) plays, No. (3) plays, No. (33) plays, Z plays, V plays, 3 types of back row plays - Hitting, Decoy and Double Sets ) Basic Systems do not have back row play examples but it shows you illustrations on how to run them. 

61 Color coded illustrated plays.

120 – 336 List of extra non illustrated plays.

Printable Play grids  -  specifically for your system to add 100’s of more plays.

Extra pages to help you exceed the system to unlimited levels.

All pages are color coordinated to fit with the illustrations.

Unlimited email support from me personally if needed.


How long will it take me to learn the whole system?


The 25 videos average out from 2 minutes to 4 minutes each where only 5 videos are over 5 minutes. The total amount for watching all videos is 2 hrs and 2 minutes.


How fast can I get my order?


All the play books are in E-Book PDF format. As soon as your payment is processed you will receive an email that this has occurred. Expect the download directly to your email a few minutes after that.


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What’s the difference between your plays and everyone else’s?


My plays are 100% plays not drills.

Each play is designed to serve several purposes.

Each play is a three letter play (ex. ERE) designed to make a point.

You do not have to remember play 87 you decode the play that is called ex. ERE. It does not matter what play they call from hundreds of plays because they are going to call the play as a code and not as a number.

Each play tells everyone on the team three things: who goes first, second, third (which can be changed), what set to hit (which can be changed at any time) and where to hit (which can also be changed at any time).

Each play can include back row players.

Each play can be changed to run a different route.

All this and more can be done without confusing the players.

* A lot more information included in the system.


How do you call or send the plays to the players?


There are several ways you can call the plays.

1.      Show the team the play for 3 seconds through an erase board.

2.      Give each player a play to call during your serve or your opponent’s serve.

3.      Your players can rotate and call a play during a free ball.

4.      You can give each player 5 to 10 plays. Because the plays can be group in meaningful ways, the plays will also be easier to remember ex, player one gets plays (ear, rat, tea, eat etc.) These plays are decoded by the system to have a meaning. They will carry these extra plays through their whole season and will not be called unless you tell them to while you call the plays throughout the game. Remember in each play the players only need to decode one letter each.

5.      Most important – You will only need to run the same 5-7 plays throughout a whole set and or all day tournament.

* A lot more information included in the system.


Explain to me how your plays work or how they will help my team.


My plays come from a system designed to specifically make the defense play angles that they are not used to. You see most defenses know where to be depending on where the ball comes from. We have changed those angels.

My plays give all front row players and even back row players each a role in the play to do with the idea that the ball can be given to any of those players at any time. The players don’t all cover that one player spiking or tell the defense “look over here, we are going to hit from here” like regular offenses.

My plays will eliminate one blocker or even no blockers per spiker. The blockers will commit or we will run that play again and give the ball to the player who’s defense does not commit. The defense will loose either way.

My plays come as “dissected” plays which mean they are planed plays made to fool a particular type of blocker or go around an excellent blocker.

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How many systems do you have?

I have 26 full volleyball offensive systems.

What if 21 teams buy the same system?

This system has its own defense mechanism.

Defense Mechanism....Imagine having 21 teams in your league buying the same system you have. Each system can be changed in 21 different ways and in 8 unique ways.

What does this mean? This means that everyone who has bought the same system as yours has a better chance to win the lottery with 5 numbers than to figure out your system with 8 numbers.

Example: If two teams are playing against each other with the same systems and you call a play that they also have out loud then several things will happen. The plays will be mirrored on the opposite side and the setter can give it to any of the 3 hitters. The plays are dissected specially for you players and not them so the same play can be dissected in 3 different ways known as an element, secret, or defense mechanism.

This system has over 15 defense mechanisms. “The Perfect Organism” ALIEN – FOX

·         Dissecting plays is explained with detail in the system. 


How many system levels are there?

There are 4 system levels

1.      Basic System –  no back row plays but has illustrations on how to make them.

2.      Advanced System – Has everything including back row plays (3 types).

3.      Pro System - Has everything including back row plays (3 types).

4.      Specialties  -  Some of this, some of that, and some of everything.


What level should I start with?


It does not matter whether you have been coaching for 1 day or 55 years, any of the systems you start with will be okay. There is no level that goes up in expertise, only the amount of information you would like to learn.


What if there are two teams who are equal and one buys the Basic System and the other buys the Pro System.

“Then you will go to Volleyball War  where your ammunition will be a compilation of plays” Tovar

 “!! F I R E,     F   I   R   E             E     V     E     R     Y     T     H     I     N     G!!” Tovar


Why do you call them systems?


I call them systems because just like a football offense, you can manipulate your players, play calling, and the game situations. You can also do that in all of my systems.


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You will discover . . . .


How to run a successful volleyball offensive system

How to run a system that can hold more than 500 plays

How to use 8 different types of plays such as: piston plays, pound plays, crossing plays, double crossing plays, slide plays, and especially three types of back row plays

How to use the whole net in up to 7 different areas

How to use more than 8 types of route combinations such as: 3 route, 33 route, rainbow set, q ball, q1 ball, z ball, v ball, 5 ball, and much more

3 level sets – using the EASYPLAY system included in the system, change the set to one or all areas within seconds

Why did you create this system?


I always hated to loose a volleyball game, especially when you try all you could and still come up short. I have always been very competitive.

I hated seeing a great team and knowing deep down they were better than our team.

I hated feeling that hopelessness of not being able to help my team, a friend’s team or any team.

I have always had a good run in winning volleyball games plus I considered my self a great all around player, but sometimes this was not enough.


The Great Discovery

One day before the beginning of the 2nd season with my Mexican volleyball team, we had a practice game against Reynosa Mexico.

We played them and we lost in the worst possible way I have personally lost in my life.

Their coach told our team that they beat us with 21 plays. Of course they only used about 6 to 8 plays the whole game.

Feeling the pain of that loss, we started to practice that Monday night in Mexico. Our captain spoke to me and said “We need to have a system of plays”.

A light suddenly appeared in my head. I started to see the net in a whole new way. I explained the whole 3 elements of the system to everyone on the team. Today they are over 15 elements.

We started to run plays, new one after new one. We knew how to run the plays before actually learning how to run them.

We played Reynosa the following week and beat them 3 - 0 . I told the coach that this system I had created had 95 plays but we only used the same 5 to 7 plays to beat them.

I was invited by him to a conference in Monterrey Mexico to share my system. I refused.


Our One of a Kind Volleyball Offense

When we compared my system with Reynosa’s system we were surprised to find something very exciting about my system.

Reynosa’s plays had to be practiced for many weeks before they would master the plays.

In my system, you learn the system once and every player on the team will know what set to hit, what area to hit in and who goes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

I started to add all the plays on my system and I came up with 350 combinations for that system and 1,000’s of plays on my other systems.


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Super Offense


What makes this system unique is that one day I saw a pattern in these plays.

The patterns indicated that these plays would be very hard to defend against.


Why a super offense:


The plays hit into area angles not usually practiced by normal defenses.

The players had to commit to a player movement or loose a point.

The defense cannot afford to wait until the last minute to make their move and block the ball.

The defensive players would get confused because of all the combination of play types.


Just to Remind You


All systems come with 25 video links. In each video I teach you step by step instructions on how to learn the whole book so you can’t go wrong.

All systems come with 18 practice links where I teach you how to practice this system step by step so you can’t go wrong.

It is easy to learn

It’s fast to get the system

All the plays and players are color coordinated with multiple illustrations in the book

All play books are in an E-Book format so that you can start reading it within minutes of ordering

Anyone can learn and teach the system to their players

It will help you win games

You and your team will have more fun with these plays

Teams can learn and teach any book level: Basic, Advanced, Pro, or Expert regardless of teaching or coaching experience

It will take you 30 minutes to learn the system and a few more to learn advanced information

You learn the system only once and teach it only once to your team

Once you learn the system, you can add new plays with out practicing every single play

The plays contain 3 letters for the front row plays and 5 letters for the front and back row play combinations

Each play holds a three play combination series

If you buy an extra new system, you do not have to relearn the system, the plays are code sensitive for every system

The plays are very hard for any defense to figure out


Now, you may be nervous about trying something new. That’s natural.

This is so because they assume that you know everything. I start with the assumption that I am teaching you something new so you need every little detail.


I know that as soon as you open the E-Book, you will fall in love with the book.

Start learning the system today and start teaching it to your team and using the plays by the next day.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Grab your copy of any of my play books.


Juan A. Tovar

Expert - Volleyball Offensive Systems

P.S. Please order right now and start practicing these plays the next day. You’ll be happy when your team starts to have new fans and your team has more fun winning games.


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