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  • CLUB NAME: TOVA World Volleyball Club
  • CLUB PURPOSE: Volleyball Offensive Attack and Play System 
  • CLUB COLORS: Black, fluorescent green, light Blue and white
  • CLUB THEME: Volleyball and Alien technology
  • CLUB ROSTER: Alien Based
  • CLUB LOGOS: I.C.U.D.R., ALIENTECH & New Volleyball Gods
  • CLUB WEBSITE: http:www.volleyballplaystorun.com
  • CLUB E-BOOKS: Play Books, Play Types, Volleyball Serving & T-shirt designs
  • CLUB QUOTE: "!!F  I  R  E !,  F  I  R  E  -  E  V  E  R  Y  T  H  I  N  G!!" Tovar



  • To accept all people who love volleyball young and old.
  • To accept creativity within the volleyball spectrum.
  • To be part of a world volleyball club.
  • To assist in the moving forward in the game we love.
  • To make our volleyball games more excitable and different from game to game by using over 16 volleyball play types.
  • To get the same exposure as in a football or basketball game.
  • To make the game better for our future generation.
  • To develop new skills and techniques in the sport of volleyball.
  • To make sure everyone has a chance to be part of a club.
  • To make the volleyball gods angry.










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