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             Story of the Volleyball Gods

 Volleyball God Definition: any volleyball player who thinks they know more than anybody else; someone who knows more about statistics than actually teaching volleyball; someone who does not believe something is possible because they have not heard of it; someone who can name many famous players and can tell you when they are to play for a month in advance but can not teach another person a skill in volleyball.


 VOLLEYBALL GODS message to Juan A. Tovar

"!!!Juan A. Tovar, you shall be condemned. No one will know about your volleyball play books that hold more than 5,000 plays and counting. No one will believe in your systems. Your plays, although made to destroy defenses and teams will never see the light. You shall be condemned because you have created a volleyball system not ready for humans to understand!!!"  



Juan A. Tovar  message to Volleyball Gods                

"!!! Volleyball Gods, I am ready for your challenge!  I will  F     I     R     E    

  E   V   E   R   Y   T   H   I  N   G     A  T    Y  O  U,                                  

  E        V        E         R        Y       T        H        I         N       G !!!"




   The history of this war below 


I.   Bmobeht's young is taken by the gods 


II  Bmobeht sends one of it's own to destroy all of the Volleyball Gods young as a retaliation


 III For centuries, Bmobeht and the Volleyball Gods fight with their warriors


  IV  After million of years, the Volleyball Gods send a new menace 


   V. Bmobeht sends a warrior


 VI Bmobeht later perishes, Alientech is born


After hearing about Alientech's fathers death, Alientech changes his father's name from Bmobeht to The Bomb.

Alientech's mission -  to go all out and create some of the newest volleyball systems in this world!

Alientech accomplishes this and at the same time makes the Volleyball Gods Angry.  

Start of Part II

 Alientech continued the war against defenses even though he wanted to be at peace. The Gods send another menace not knowing the new power they were about to face.


The Gods decided to tear apart Alientech's players. 


The Gods then went after Alientech's inner guards. 


Even though the Gods could not penetrate into Alientech's offense, they sent a disguised volleyball with an evil net grabber to suffocate Alientech's players. They had been working on this secret volleyball system since the Gods created the universe. 


Alientech had enough. Alientech  sent 4 of his 25 systems disguised as volleyballs that later turned into the most complicated systems in the universe, something the Gods had never done. Alientech sent these systems into the Gods humanoid community. The Gods players suffered a great loss. It would take 1,000's of years for the Gods to come up with a system like Alientech, only to come up short every time. The following four attackers are listed below.









 Alientech will wait patiently creating many more offensive systems that the Gods could not create. He will wait and get stronger as new comers get destroyed one by one trying to succeed where many have failed.

Alientech will challenge anyone in the known universe to create a better system than he has. 

Alientech awaits your challenge .......................................... 


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