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"Look coach, the reason you are not winning games is because you have constructed a Picasso team. It's like getting a piece of many famous painting and putting them together. Even though they are all great, they don't go together." Tovar 

"There are two types of teams, those who compete and those who survive. If you are praying for the other team to make a mistake so that you can make a point then you are the team who is trying to survive" Tovar

'If your team cannot receive a ball, set a good ball, spike the ball and block a ball 90% of the whole game then you will not be champions" Tovar 

"To be a great volleyball player you must understand all of your position's responsibilities even if you don't get to use all of those responsibilities" Tovar 

"The more you understand about your position, the better you can prepare for it" Tovar 

"Years of experience playing volleyball doesn't make you a good teacher of volleyball, it makes you a good student of volleyball" Tovar 

"Making mistakes in a game of volleyball doesn't make you loose games, not learning from them do" Tovar 

"Practicing a certain position in volleyball is like practicing Kung Fu, you practice every possible situation in a continuous series of moves that cover every possible situation and you do this over and over until it becomes a part of you". Tovar  

"Coaching and teaching are the same, having experience playing volleyball and teaching volleyball are not" Tovar  

"There is nothing more heart breaking then to see all your players look at their best player and their best player shows a of lack of confident in themselves" Tovar 

"You didn't think that I was just going to let you spike, set, bump, dink, serve, into my court without me having something to do about it - did ya" Tovar  

"When you practice, you should always want every player on the team to believe that you are the greatest player on the team - and everyone one on the team should feel the same way about themselves" Tovar

"Caaaaaaan  Yoooooooou Diiiiiig iiiiiiiiiiiiit" The Warriors Movie

"Your not the only ones with weapons" Tovar

"!ACE!, !Again!" Tovar 

"The thing about being at the top is that you can always look at the people coming up" Tovar 

"AKA The Wall: I hope you can spike, I really do" Tovar 

"Setting - !I will dink on you, I will move the ball around on you, I will set into your court and I will spike the ball every chance I get. I will make you worry about me every time I touch that ball!" Tovar

"To improve your's team performance you don't have to get better than everyone else, you only need to be better than yourself" Tovar 

"Blocking - every time I spike the ball I will look into your eyes and if they are not focused on me I will make you pay every single time" Tovar 

"A player that can name many famous volleyball players, can tell you whether a team is going to beat another and knows the schedules of many teams is a player who knows a lot about statistics, not volleyball." Tovar 

"A true fan is not measured by how much he or she knows about that particular team they choose but by an immeasurable inner connection between that one and only team" Tovar 

"People can always say how good you are not,  but can never say how good you were" Tovar 

"The wording doesn't change the inconvenience, it changes the denial" Tovar 

"For all new coaches who one day would like to win a championship, go and see how a championship looks like to know what it will take for your team to get there. I think this is the biggest mistake a lot of teams make" Tovar 

"A great coach always lets everyone in the team play multiple positions, makes the decision on what it is needed to win from then on and always knows exactly what drills to give to their players 1 minute before practice starts" Tovar 

"The game of volleyball is a game of very little steps, but many situations" Tovar 

"I have always had everyone on the team as close as possible to my best player, the day I don't do this is the day I have failed as a coach" Tovar

"Excellent coaches create an unstoppable offense, and an impossible offense to stop and always plays with the unstoppable offense first until the play-offs" Tovar 

 "A great coach creates a super offense and defense that cannot be stopped and then practices every day to be that offense and stop that defense, he/she created in the first place" Tovar

"I didn't win because I knew your weakness, I won because I knew mine" Tovar

"I don't do well, but well enough to do" Tovar

"My biggest strength in this win was my biggest weakness" Tovar 

"Build your philosophy around your team. Build your team according to your players. After all it is their best skills that will win a game." Tovar

"I am constantly trying to find the best in even my less gifted sports students. This is what I tell coaches once I have beat their team." Tovar

"I always try to teach things differently - a lot of my volleyball students would say "My Mom who is also a volleyball coach, never teaches us like this". - I always respond with "Has your mom ever won a championship? -"No" - "Exactly." Tovar

"Your mentally towards playing is always right. If you think you are going to win you are right. If you think you are going to loose you are also right. If you doubt yourself on either one. You are also right" Tovar

"How many weapons are on your team will depend on the time you take to know every single one of your players" Tovar

 "I know how champions practice everyday, the day I don't see that is the day all hell will break loose" Tovar 

"Practice will make you excellent at whatever you do, that includes not being good at anything." Tovar 

"Fire!, Fire E  v  e  r  y  t  h  i  n  g! , a little too much for me to yell  to our opponent who finally blocked one of our 5 plays we have been running the whole tournament, I don't have the heart to tell them I have 740 more plays? Tovar

"I hate to see my opponents's volleyball players yelling in desperation. I hate to see what caused them to see fear, chaos,  embarrassment, hopelessness, and lack of will to win. I hate that it was I who caused this for them" Tovar

"To loose weight you don't need the best gym, eat well, exercise, or have the best machines, you only need the will to do it" Tovar 

Evil Things 

"The thing about God is that if you call him, he will come. The bad thing about evil is that if you call it, it will also come". Tovar

"To destroy evil, you must become it". Tovar

"It is harder to convince yourself that you saw or heard something strange than to convince yourself that you didn't". Tovar

"I wish I didn't see monsters. I wish I imagined them. I wish I could say that they are not for real. I wish". Tovar 

Draft 1: "I know some of my scary stories are not real, made up, or just fake. I'm just afraid that I can't distinguish from them anymore." Tovar 

Draft 2: "I'm not afraid of all the monster stories that might be fake, imagined or not real in my head. I am just afraid of those stories that are real". Tovar


"Driving is like being chased by a group of Velociraptors, once you home in on one, everything around you crashes down" Tovar 

"Saying I'm sorry too many times doesn't mean the person is improving, it means they are good at messing up and apologizing for it - other wise known as being consistent" Tovar

"Respect is not earned, it should be given to everyone until the respected person gives you a reason why not to respect them" Tovar

"To dishonor someone is only dishonorable if the person who did the dishonor knew before hand what he/she did was a dishonor" Tovar 

"An ignorant person will blame a mime for talking too loud" Tovar 

"People are Constantly asking why do I live alone. Do I have to answer?" Tovar

"A memory is something no other person can see, a tattoo is a memory everybody can" Tovar

 "I'm not in a hurry, I just want life to continue. Is that too much to ask?" Tovar

"We love people sometimes, but not right now" Tovar

"Just because you can, you mustn't. Just because you mustn't you have to. Just because you have to, you can". Tovar

It takes 3% brain use to convince yourself to on purpose, do something stupid. It takes 2% brain use to act stupid. It takes 5% brain use to actually do something stupid. It takes 90% brain use to think of how stupid you were for making a stupid mistake". Tovar 

" I sometimes act dumb to not intimidate those who are less smarter than I am". Tovar

"Always respect everyone because you never know who your talking too and what great things they did in life - I always think of this when a coach tells me about their offense that can run 20 plays and mine runs thousands". Tovar 

"Sometimes the best way to get someone to see your point of view is to actually let them see". Tovar 

"Ants with the biggest mounds, have the best leaders". Tovar

"Blame is something everyone enjoys giving but has trouble receiving". Tovar

"Talking too much is really not impressive. Having something to say is". Tovar

"It is 100 times easier to blame someone for not helping you, then to just ask for help" Tovar 

"The reason you haven't been strong at something is because you haven't gone through it" Tovar 

"Stupidity is the ability to ignore everything that is important to you". Tovar 

"People who make mistakes should always be forgiven. People who choose to make a mistake should not". Tovar

"Stupidity and Incompetence are very good friends". Tovar

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